Bio-Kil Technology


Bio-Kil solutions, invented in the 90’s, is one of the inventions from an innovative team formed in 1973. At the end of 90’s, a renowned chemists Dr. Vincent T. Chuang, retired from Union Carbide, had joined the team, and they have developed the “Bio-Kil” technology platform as an invention with lots potential.
Employed multitude of disciplines, Bio-Kil technology platform allows inhabitation of microorganism in a revolutionary way. Since then, many agencies from academia to industries have participated in the continuous research and development of the technology and its businesses, and the multitude of applications of Bio-Kil technology is still growing according to market demands.

Bio-Kil technology stands out due to its effectiveness to address Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI), especially well to certain pathogens. Therefore, medical facility is our primary partners in the implementation of the technology. We welcome new partners to work with us to outreach and implement Bio-Kil solutions to address market demands and challenges. Therefore, a better and safer environment can be achieved for all.

Features & Remarks

Bio-Kil solutions include 1. Air series solution 2. Water series solution 3. Textile and surface series solution 4. Dynamic microorganism elimination system. Each of the solutions can be integrated with hospitals’ infrastructure, and they can be modified after discussion with infection control professionals. After implementation, our team will carry out routing monitoring to ensure certain microorganism is kept on check.

Bio-Kil technology integrated years of knowhow in catalyst development. By binding microorganism inhibiting material Bio-Kil with base material, given the material microorganism inhabitation ability. Through “catalyst like” binding technic, Bio-Kil solution can be more durable and still being effective in inhibiting microorganism for long period of time. This allows reduction on maintenance costs.

Healthcare acquired infections is a major concern in many medical facilities. Bio-Kil solutions offer a systematic and holistic approach to address HAI. By cutting down transmission pathways and reduction of microorganism counts, Bio-Kil solutions can be effective on dealing with Legionella pneumophila, MRSA and Klebsiella pneumoniae etc. outbreak within medical environment, lowering chance to contract an infection, thus protecting the patients and medical professionals.

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